Back-to-School Marketing

Stay relevant in an ever-changing market

How long ago did you graduate from college? Times have probably changed since then, and so has college life. You need a marketing company that can help you navigate modern spending trends on college campuses. That's where our orientation event marketing services come into play.

When you introduce your products or services at college orientations, you can:

  • Establish credibility
  • Boost awareness
  • Gain a following
  • Increase leads
To learn more about our orientation event marketing strategy, call 212-386-7617 now.

What's your definition of "success"?

Maybe you want to increase brand awareness among young adults or boost sales for a new product. Regardless of your desired outcome, Campus Solutions of New York, NY can help you reach your goal through a back-to-school marketing campaign.

We have over 25 years of experience promoting the products and services of high-profile clients, including:

Clinique, Revlon and other beauty brands
ESSENCE, Teen Vogue and other national publications
Disney, AT&T and other companies that have become household names

We can hand out your products to students, place door hangers in residence halls and set up tables in strategic locations on campus. Reach out today to learn more about dorm room marketing, product sampling and orientation event marketing opportunities.