Formulate a Marketing Strategy That Speaks to College Students

A university marketing partnership in New York, NY could make all the difference for your business

Learn more about fraternity, sorority, and residence hall marketing opportunities

What makes college students tick? You don't have to figure out the answer on your own. Students from the ages of 18 to 24 are perhaps the hardest generation to predict, especially when it comes to their spending habits. Unfortunately, without their business, you're missing out on a huge group of potential consumers.

Get in touch with us today for:

  • College student product sampling
  • On-campus table setups
  • Back to school marketing
  • Orientation event marketing
  • Fraternity and sorority marketing
  • Greek life brand advertising
  • Dorm room door hanger marketing
  • Residence hall marketing
  • Campus Solutions can help you design a marketing strategy that appeals to college students across the country. Sign up for a university marketing partnership in New York, NY today.

    Here's how our process works

    When you hire us for college campus marketing and advertising services, we'll help you establish your brand on college campuses. Here's how:

    We'll hire student brand ambassadors to show off your product

    We'll sign you up for student product sampling events

    We'll hang ads in high-traffic areas on campus

    Are you ready to give your college campus marketing and advertising campaign an edge? Hire Campus Solutions today.


    Social media has changed the framework of marketing and advertising, but we've managed to implement strategies that continue to render success for all our clients. You can count on us to develop a marketing strategy that works for your specific brand. You'll also feel confident working with us because:

    • We have strong connections with hundreds of colleges across the U.S.
    • We work with top brands like Revlon, AT&T and Essence
    • We have over 25 years of experience

    It's time to start building better relationships with your consumers - turn to us for a university marketing partnership today.

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    Tap into a market that your competitors have overlooked

    18- to 24-year-olds have more disposable income than other generations, so they’re able to spend more money on food, clothes, entertainment and other commodities. And yet, many brands overlook college campus marketing and advertising opportunities.

    Don’t make the same mistake — partner with Campus Solutions of New York, NY to:

    Reach a wide audience from one convenient location
    Establish a positive relationship with prospective consumers early on
    Learn more about the demographics that are interested in your products or services

    We’ve established university marketing partnerships with clothing brands, entertainment companies, tech retailers and other high-profile clients. Visit the Clients page to learn more.